Life questions

Diaconal Consulting hour

Are you dealing with questions that you can’t ask anywhere else? Come to the diaconal consulting hour of ds. D.J. Couvée.

ds. D.J. CouvéeElke dinsdag14.00 - 15.30 uur

Church café

How was your week or day? With that question we start every Church café. Everybody is welcome and there is a lot of freedom to tell your opinion. We talk about the news and sometimes we watch some interesting Dutch discussion programs about news. With that information we look for connections with the Bible or other holy books. We end with a poem or a prayer and also there is a possibility to have a personal conversation.

Monday to Friday12.00 - 13.00 hoursDuring the Churchcafé there is coffee and tea.
Sunday16.30 hoursAt the end there is bread and coffee

Church services

Our church services take place on the first three Sundays of the month, at 10.30 hours. The service on the first Sunday of the month is also available online. If you missed the service it is possible to hear it back online:

Kerkdienst gemist

Month programTime
The 1st Sunday of the month10.30 hoursPossible to listen online
The 2nd Sunday of the month10.30 hoursSilent service
The 4nd Sunday of the month10.30 hoursGuest pastor

Evening prayer

Every Friday evening we like to take a moment to think about the good and the sad things that happened in the last week and we ask for strength for the coming week. There is singing, prayer and explanation of the Bible. For the one who likes it, it is possible to continue talking afterwards and drink coffee.

Every Friday evening20.00 - 20.30 hours


We can’t always control what’s coming to our path. But we can control how we deal with it. It is the human nature to react automatically to our feelings and thoughts. During guided silence-exercises you will learn to observe without judgement what you think and feel. By identifying ourselves less with the feelings and thoughts, we create space to react differently to situations. Namely from the values that touch our heart.
The exercises are led by Huub de Weerd. Free entrance

Thursday13.00 - 14.30 hours