What does Pauluskerk Refugeework do?

Pauluskerk Refugee work is the new name of the Foundation ‘Ondersteuning Mensen ZOnder Verblijfstitel (OMZO). Pauluskerk Refugeework support refugees who:

  • Can be somehow entitled lawful residence in the Netherlands
  • Can’t be entitled to claim legal residence, rejected asylum and can’t return to their country of origin.
  • Can’t be entitled to claim legal residence, but can be helped to go back to their country of origin voluntarily.
  • Have received a residence permit in transition to lawful residence (after which they are transferred to local authorities and/or Refugee work).

Pauluskerk Refugeework supports them with legal advice, temporary shelter and medical help.
Pauluskerk Refugeework supports them, in cooperation with IOM, with returning voluntarily to the country of origin. If necessary the Pauluskerk Refugeework offers then Bed, Bath, Bread.

Consultation hours for refugees

A significant part of the refugees has been experiencing for a long time (till 20 years!) a difficult existence in Rotterdam. Many of them are physically and mentally ill. Not only because they have worked hard or have been inactive for years, but mainly because of a lack of perspective. Nevertheless, most refugees take care for themselves. For those who are in need , the Pauluskerk has a special consultation hour for the refugees. There is also a medical consultation hour and they take over 2,500 consultations a year, of which a large number for refugees. In many cases, it concerns vulnerable groups as single mothers with children and older people, men and, to a lesser extent, women. From Burundi, Somalia, Sierra Leone, Afghanistan. For a varying group of about 150 people, Pauluskerk Refugee Work is the last way out. More and more refugees appeal to Pauluskerk Refugee Work. It also has to do with the circumstance that other organisations can not help them or organisations which are closing their doors. Because of or economic crisis, there is also less black work.

Bed Bath Bread-campaign

Pauluskerk Refugeework has started a campaign to help the people without residence permits, to raise money at Rotterdam companies and inhabitants and to get more volunteers. This campaign has been possible by financial support from the Orange Found and the help of more than 100 volunteers, organizations and companies. Would you like to join the campaign? Mail to info@pauluskerkrotterdam.nl