Volunteers needed

Are you passionate for the work of the Pauluskerk? We are looking for enthusiastic, honest and trustable people that take their working hours seriously and who are devoted to the work that they are going to do.

What do we ask?
We ask availability for at least 4 hours per week (1 daypart). We are looking for enthusiastic, honest and trustable people who realize that working in the Pauluskerk means to help people that live in the margins of society. We need volunteers for the dining house, open house, clothing shop,

Become volunteer

Volunteers speaking!

‘The Pauluskerk is there for me’

Gerda (63): “In September I already work for three years at the Pauluskerk. The time flied. With a lot of joy and passion you can find me behind the desk or at the clothing store.

‘I have learned from life”

‘I regularly visit the Pauluskerk. I dont have that much money to buy food and this way i also have a reason to leave my house. Here i have contact with other people and i like that. When I got up this morning I took a shower and came to the Pauluskerk.

‘The Pauluskerk is my home’

Lou Wei Kee (1975): “It has been a very long time since i first visited the Pauluskerk. In the old Pauluskerk you could find me in the catering/kitchen. Now I am mainly working within the verger. Quite frequently we would need some extra help, there is a lot to do.