Our mission

The diaconal task of the Pauluskerk is the call to take care of the marginalized fellowmen; this is mentioned in the Bible. This concerns individual aid, reflection, faith proclamations and action. Everything strengthens.


The Pauluskerk works from the conviction that the Bible calls us to look and to help people that can not survive without help. No matter what their background is, life conviction, position or position. We do this by offering hospitality and practical individual help, through reflection and faith proclamations and action. Our goal is to offer people new perspective through practical help. We help them to become part of society again by strengthening their life power.

Our Vision

Because we want to be a diaconal center, we seek mercy and justice and wholeness of creation. It’s about individual help, reflection, faith proclamations and action. Everything strengthens. You don’t just give fish, you also teach the people how to fish. With that it is important that they have entrance to the fish lake.


As Pauluskerk we see ‘faith and ‘aid’ as two things that are unconditionally connected to each other. We are inspired by the values from the Bible: Mercy and justice, peace, healing of the creation. We choose radically for the people that knock on our doors. They are unconditionally welcome. Easy access and hospitality are important for us. We don’t just reach help to provide in the first basic needs, but also try to give support in the bigger lines, focused to make the ‘power to live’ stronger. You don’t just give food, drink and help to the people, but you also teach them how to provide in their own basic needs.