They don’t disappear!

Dick Couvée, pastor of the Rotterdam Pauluskerk and chairman of Pauluskerk Refugeework ‘dominee van de Rotterdamse Pauluskerk en voorzitter van Pauluskerk Vluchtelingenwerk: The foreign policy of the recent years has major consequences for Rotterdam. In our city life are now approximately 20,000 refugees without residence papers. They have no right to basic services, and increasingly often end up on the street. I think the government is responsible for the reception of refugees. These people should not get caught up in the corruption; they have at least the right to “Bed, Bath, Bread ‘

Many of the refugees eventually come to the Pauluskerk. We don’t receive government funding and therefore we need donors to provide shelter to refugees. In July 2011, we received € 50,000 from the Orange Fund for a campaign to recruit more donors and volunteers for the reception of refugees without residence papers. From that moment on this campaign has been very important for the refugees in the Netherlands. De Pauluskerk is the founder of the BBB campaign and it supports a lot of refugees in different cities. Help us help!