Religious community


There are three times per month services in the Pauluskerk. Everybody is more than welcome to attend these services.

You can also follow the services from the 1st Sunday through internet. If you have missed a service you can also follow previous services.
Services missed?

Monthly programTime
1st Sunday of the month10.30 hoursPastor ds.D.J. Couvée
2nd Sunday of the month Silence service10.30 hoursled by Huub de Weerd and Don Mader
4rd Sunday of the month Quest Pastor10.30 hoursGuest Pastor

Evening prayer

Every Friday evening we like to take a moment to think about the good and the sad things that happened in the last week and we ask for strength for the coming week. There is singing, prayer and explanation of the Bible. For the one who likes it, it is possible to continue talking afterwards and drink coffee.

Every Friday evening20.00 - 20.30 hours

Church café

In the church café we talk about the news and the Bible or other holy books. With the news you have to think about what is happening in the world and also about matters that the participants are dealing with. Usually the volunteer that leads the group has a subject, or other times one of the participants has a subject.
We have group conversations where we talk about life and religious questions.

Coffee and tea are free.

Monday to Friday12.00 - 13.00 hoursCoffee and tea are free.
Sunday16.30 hoursCoffee and tea are free.


We can’t always control what’s coming to our path. But we can control how we deal with it. It is the human nature to react automatically to our feelings and thoughts. During guided silence-exercises you will learn to observe without judgement what you think and feel. By identifying ourselves less with the feelings and thoughts, we create space to react differently to situations. Namely from the values that touch our heart.
The exercises are led by Huub de Weerd. Free entrance.

Thursday13.00 - 14.30 hours


The working group Palestina-Israel (PAIS) asks the attention within the church for the position of Palestines in Palestine and Israel and the Kairos document. The working group organizes various activities in and from the Pauluskerk. You can find the activities on our website.